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What are reference resources? 

Reference resources are dictionaries, encyclopedias, and handbooks that summarize information in an easy to understand way. Below are some reference resources available through the American Career College Online Library. Our online reference collections include: 

  • Credo Reference: A great academic alternative to Wikipedia. This searchable collection has reliable articles on many topics ranging from food to the health sciences. This resource also includes pre-formatted APA reference citations. 
  • Nursing Reference Center: An excellent reference guide of all healthcare-related topics, not just for nurses. Get articles on diagnoses, treatment, pharmacology, and more.
  • Rehabilitation Reference Center: Quick reference at the point-of-care for physical and occupational therapy assistants. Includes evidence-based care sheets that summarize diseases & conditions, drug information, patient education, and practice resources.

Nursing Reference Center Plus you will find videos, images, patient education handouts, medications, information about diseases and conditions. This database also provides users with the most current evidence-based answers to clinical questions. The information is in an easy to understand format; plus, users are able to enable a screen reader which will read the contents of the web page (please select the HTML Full-Text version of a resource for this feature). 

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The Fast Facts series of books provides readers reference information in regards to different nursing related topics. Below is a gallery of some of the resources available through the ACC online Library. To find more resources from this series search the EBSCO eBook Collection for "Fast Facts". 

Oxford Handbooks

Compact Clinical Guides