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Physical Therapist Assistant Guide

Creating a Reference Page

Reference citations belong on a separate References page at the end of your document.  There should be a reference citation that corresponds to each different in-text citation within the body of a paper. To create a References page, follow these steps:

  1. Create a new blank page at the end of a document

  2. Type the word References at the top center of the page.  Do not bold or italicize.

  3. Alphabetize sources by last name of the first author.  

  4. Sources by the same author should be categorized from earliest source to most recent (for example, 1999 will come before 2001)

Below are examples references that students will most commonly use. 

Reference Examples



Author, A. (Year).  Title of the book.  City of publication, State: Publisher.


Sunstein, C.R. (2006). Infotopia: How many minds produce knowledge.

New York, NY: Oxford University Press. 



Author, A. (Year). Title of webpage. Retrieved from


American Psychological Association. (n.d.).  Confronting childhood

obesity. Retrieved from 

Journal Article


Author, A. M., Author2, B. (Year). Title of journal article in sentence case. 

     Title of Journal. Vol.(issue), pages. Retrieved from http://website url.


Piazza, M., Nomo, H., & Valenzuela, F. (2012).  Being amazing Dodgers:

Why we're better than everyone else. Journal of Baseball Teams,

23(1), 23-28.  Retrieved from

Video or Image from a Website


Author, A. A. [User name]. (year, month day). Title of video [Video file].

Retrieved from http://xxxxx


NASA. [NASA] (2015, August 5).  EPIC view of moon transiting

     Earth. [YouTube]. Retrieved from