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This page explains how to find research articles.

Using the Right Databases

Different sites provide different types of information.  You already probably know this from your daily life.  If you wanna know about Beyonce's latest tour dates, you might use Google; if you want the hours for a local business, you might use Yelp!  And if you wanna remember the name of the actor who played the Joker in the Dark Knight series, you'll go to imdb.  Sometimes the best place to find an answer is a good old-fashioned book.


Library databases are the same way.  Databases offer different types of content.  Reference databases give you definitions and summaries of topics; Journal databases give you peer-reviewed articles; and news databases give you news.  Also, each field of study has a different set of databases that will be most useful.  If you're a Dental Assistant student, you'd be best off searching for articles in Dentistry & Oral Science Source, but if you're a Nursing student, you might want to start with CINAHL Complete.


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Where to Start