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What Does Peer-Reviewed Mean?

Peer-reviewed sources are sources that have been reviewed for quality by experts and professionals according to industry best practices.  All of the links to library collections are peer-reviewed.  Most websites are NOT peer-reviewed.  This means that you can generally trust information from the library's collections more than the information on the Web.  

Infographic showing peer-reviewed sources vs. non-peer-reviewed sources


NOT Peer-Reviewed

Created by health care professionals, health researchers, or other expert You don't know who wrote the information
Reviewed for quality by experts according to professional process

You don't if anyone checked the author's facts

Lists the sources and/or research used to create these materials

You don't know where the author got her or his information

Guaranteed to meet the highest quality standards in the field

You can't rely on the quality of information

Peer-Reviewed Library Collections

NOT Peer-Reviewed Websites

Credo Reference Wikipedia
DynaMed WebMD
Nursing Reference Center, Rehabilitation Reference Center
SMART Imagebase Google Images, YouTube
CINAHL Complete Blogs, discussion forums, social media posts
ProQuest Databases, ehow