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Your studying schedule should include when you are going to study, when you have to go to work, any family responsibilities you may have, and breaks.  There are definitely others that you can include but this is a good place to start.  Below will be a more extensive list of items that you can schedule.  As a reminder, your schedule should be there to give you a structure.  Life happens, so you need to be flexible. When life happens, stop, review, update and continue moving forward.  


Study Icon Studying

  • when you are going to study
  • how long you are going to study
  • where you are going to study


  • schedule when you take a break from studying 
  • grab a snack
  • chat on the phone
  • look at social media 
  • exercise or take a walk 


  • schedule meals and when to have snacks
  • eat a healthy balanced diet


  • include in your schedule days and hours that you work 
  • include the travel time to get there 


  • Relaxation time should be longer than your breaks
  • Take this time to focus on other aspects of your life 
    • socialize with friends
    • watch your favorite TV show
    • spend time with family 
    • lounge by the pool 
    • go for a hike 

 Goals & Rewards

  • practice positive reinforcement
  • set smaller goals on your way to passing the exam
  • reward yourself for reaching those goals

Studying Priorities

 Studying Priorities

When a schedule is created there are some items that take priority over others.  Create your schedule based on your commitment to studying.  Follow the items below to get a better sense on how to better prioritize your studying.  

  • Keep a list of priorities and goals 
  • Make sure your schedule is realistic (scheduling an 8 hour block without breaks may be unrealistic) 
  • Determine the best place for studying 
  • Communicate with friends and family about your study needs 
    • These are the people who will be your support system 
    • Let them know that you need time for studying.  Some might even want to help you study by reading off test questions.  



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