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Medical Assistant

Health, Safety & Tests

Health, safety and tests plays an important role as a medical assistant. Not only are you working with patients on a regular basis, you will also be handling equipment, assisting the physician during medical tests, and instructing patients about medications and diets. The ACC Library has resources to help you learn more about these areas so that you can better assist physicians and patients. 


Nursing Reference Center Plus provides students and faculty members with the following: quick and easy access to up to date information to provide the best care possible to patients. The reference center provides users with evidence based care sheets, content on nursing best practices, drug information and videos and images related to patient care. Topics include:

  • Hand hygiene
  • Performing an electrocardiogram
  • Taking vital signs
  • Physical assessments
The Rehabilitation Reference Center, like the Nursing Reference Center, provides students and faculty members with easy to access and up to date information available on speech, physical and occupational therapy. For the Medical Assistant, this resource has exercise images (how to properly use crutches) to patient education topics in both English and Spanish. 


Nutrition is important part of staying healthy. There will be times where you will need to explain the importance of proper nutrition for maintaining good health.