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Testing Skills

Multiple Choice Strategies

  1. Work quickly and answer accurately 
  2. Have second thoughts on a question answer? Mark it for review and continue (this only applies to tests that allow you to go back to questions skipped) 
  3. Keep up the momentum do not get stuck spending a long time on a one single question. If you are allowed to come back to the question skip it and keep moving forward.  If you are not allowed to skip a question, make an education guess (covered below). 
  4. Memory Joggers - a question that you come across may jog your memory of a question you skipped. 
  5. Eliminate answers that are obviously wrong 

Making Educated Guesses

  • Eliminate the answers that are clearly wrong 
  • Eliminate answers that are partially wrong
  • Sometimes two of the answers are similar - choose the one the licensing board recognizes as the "MOST" correct.