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Testing Skills

Testing simulations are helpful to get you familiar with sitting and focusing for an extended period of time. Make sure to schedule enough time as if it were test day. Remember to check what you are allowed and not allowed to bring into the testing site.  Some test sites are stricter then others. Below are a few additional suggestions in regards to creating a testing simulation space.

  • schedule the amount of time needed to complete the exam
  • include in your schedule time to travel to the testing location and check-in
  • bring ear plugs or headphones (double check to see if you are allowed to have these items at your testing location) 
  • go to a location where it is quiet (a library is nice, as there are others quietly doing work)
  • setup a timer and notebook paper to take notes of moments of stress or when you spend too much time working on a question. Document what you did to relax and stay confident in your testing.